Human Resources

Finding the best person for the job is not as simple as it looks in the Pharmaceutical & Life Science industries. Therefore, it is a must for every company to count with highly qualified, responsible and experienced staff.


Training is a key factor to achieve operational excellence. Whether you are starting or you are an experienced professional there is always room for knowledge.

Stepwise Pharma & Engineering created a brand – Stepwise Academy – to promote specialized training in the fields of medical cannabis, pharmaceuticals, engineering, life sciences, project management as well as other cross-cutting areas.

How can we support your business?

When your company is short on staff or resource-poor, Stepwise can help you find temporary or permanent staff with the specific technical skills and experience that you require to move forward.

Stepwise has developed a wide set of training courses to fit your needs. From small groups of public training to customized training programs, we and our partners, are the right choice to learn, train or refresh your team’s skills, enhancing your team’s potential and your company’s performance.

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